Synapse Sampler

Excerpts from projects by Rachel Damon, Director of Synapse Arts

Video music by Matt Griffo

In order of appearance:
"Light Hand" - 2018
at Berger Park Cultural Center
Rachel Damon - Director and Designer
Performers/Collaborators - Katie Matteson Campana, Catherine Hepler, Amanda Ramirez, Megan Rhyme, Dylan Roth, Gretchen Soechting, Laura Tennal
Ryan Ingebritsen - Composer
Nadine Lollino - Costume Design and Construction
Sarah Lackner - Lighting Design and Installation
Matt Griffo - Recording Engineer and Videographer
Leyla I. Royale - Cellist

"Swath" - 2013
at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Featuring hand-operated projections designed by Julia Miller
Directed by Rachel Damon
Created and performed by Katie Matteson, Michelle Burger-Modrzejewski, Matthew McMunn, Laura Tennal, Gretchen Soechting, and Vienna Willems
Stage Design by Rachel Damon
Costumes by Jessi Taylor

"Crosswalk Dances" - 2019
at the "Lincoln Hub" in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood
Directed by Rachel Damon
Dancers: Molly Hillson, Amanda Ramirez, Camila Rivero Pooley, Dylan Roth, Gretchen Soechting, Megan Szajna, Laura Tennal
Score composed by Ryan Ingebritsen
Cellist: Leyla I. Royale
Costumes by Nadine Lollino
Video by Matt Griffo

"Strata" - 2017
at Hamlin Park Fieldhouse Theater
Director: Rachel Damon
Collaborators/performers: Joan/Chih-Hsien Lin, Matthew McMunn
Lighting design: Sarah Lackner
Costume design: Jeff Hancock
Sound: "Wires and Static" by Tim Daisy
Aaron Zarzutzki - synthesizer & percussion
Tim Daisy - percussion, turntables, radios

"Leverage" - 2019
at Hamlin Park Fieldhouse Theater
Directed by Rachel Damon
Created in collaboration with the performers Amanda Ramirez, Dylan Roth, Gretchen Soechting, and Laura Tennal

"Soften Every Edge" - 2017
a site-specific textile dance
directed and designed by Rachel Damon
featuring Katie Matteson Campana, Megan Rhyme, Camila Rivero-Pooley, Gretchen Soechting, Megan Szajna, and Laura Tennal
with music by Matthew Griffo
presented by Pivot Arts Festival

"You're So Stubborn" - 2015
at the DCASE Storefront Theater
Directed by Rachel Damon
Collaborators/Performers: JulieAnn Graham, Christopher Knowlton, Sammy Spriggs, Michelle Burger-Modrzejewski, Katie Matteson, Gretchen Soechting
Movement Coach: Kristina Fluty
Sound Designer: Rustel Weiss
Lighting Designer: Sarah Lackner
Creative Consultant: Brian Shaw
Costume Designer: Jessi Taylor
Textiles/Stage Designer: Rachel Damon

"Without Pause" - 2012
at The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago
Directed by Rachel Damon
Music by Frank Rosaly
Featuring Matthew McMunn, Michelle Burger, Alitra Cartman, and Rachel Damon
Set Design by Rachel Damon and Grant Sabin

"Textile Dance #4" - 2017
at Hamlin Park Fieldhouse Theater
Directed by Rachel Damon
Created in collaboration with the performers Katie Matteson Campana, Gretchen Soechting, Megan Szjana, and Laura Tennal
Music by Matthew Griffo and Leyla I. Royale
Costumes from a design by Collin Bunting

"Openwork" - 2016
at Links Hall
Directed by Rachel Damon
Dancers - Katie Matteson, Laura Tennal, Gretchen Soechting, Megan Rhyme
Costumes - Jessi Taylor
Music - Matthew Griffo and Leyla I. Royale

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