Crosswalk Dances returns!

Our popular public performances are cropping up all across the country from September 17th through October 14th, 2020. Though you may know our Crosswalk Dances series as ensemble works, this year you’ll see mostly solo dances through crosswalks in cities across the U.S.A. 


15 artists will be doing live dances and posting clips from their performances. Follow Synapse Arts on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with the dancers and watch their videos!


Sept 17 - Dylan Roth, Chicago, IL

Sept 20 - Steph Anderson, New York City, NY

Sept 21 - Kara Brody, Seattle, WA

Sept 22 - Kait Dessoffy, Chicago, IL

Sept 23 - (NEW date) Nora Sharp, New York City, NY

Sept 25 - Jamila Kekulah Kinney, Chicago, IL

Sept 27 - Rachel Damon, Indianapolis, IN

Sept 29 - Molly Hillson, Chicago, IL

Oct 4 - Cat Miller, Chicago, IL

Oct 6 - Megan Rhyme, Chicago, IL

Oct 7 - Marie Casimir, Oklahoma City, OK

Oct 9 - A. Raheim White, Atlanta, GA

Oct 14 - Nadine Lollino, Taos, NM

Oct 17 - (NEW DATE) Laura Tennal and Katie Matteson-Campana, Chicago, IL

Dates are also visible on the Synapse Arts Google calendar, at the bottom of the Synapse Arts Events page

Make more dances happen when you donate:

Are you a movement artist who would like to make your own Crosswalk Dance performance and video? Here’s how you do it:

1. Dance in a crosswalk, safely, taking video while you dance (landscape orientation is best, at 720p or 1080p)

2. Post a clip of your video on your social media, tag Synapse, and use these hashtags: #crosswalkdances #synapsearts plus your own.

3. Email to see if a clip from your video can be included in the Crosswalk Dances 2020 compilation video!


Virtual Classes for Kids

Join us for a FREE virtual fall session of classes! Though we cannot hold in-person classes at our normal Park District locations, we encourage students to continue taking classes with us online. The wonderful Ms. Katie will return as our teacher for beginning and intermediate ballet, and we are excited to have Synapse collaborator Tim Tsang teaching our first ever hip hop class.

All classes will be held virtually via Zoom.

Find more information and register for free at this link:


Watch “Strata” on Arts for Illinois

Strata is a “textile dance” by Synapse Arts, currently being featured on the Arts for Illinois website

This 9-minute duet was directed by Rachel Damon and performed by Joan/Chih-Hsien Lin and Matthew McMunn, with music by Matt Griffo and costumes by Jeff Hancock. 

Watch it here:

Arts for Illinois is a collaboration between the State of Illinois, the City of Chicago, and the broader philanthropic community, co-chaired by Illinois First Lady MK Pritzker and Chicago First Lady Amy Eshleman. The new online platform features talented artists – performers, singers, poets, painters, writers, and many more from across Illinois – who have made their works available for the public’s enjoyment while at home during these challenging times. This platform is a place to connect, express, and inspire. A place for comfort, laughter, and healing among all residents.

Photo by Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth courtesy of Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival.


Black Lives Matter.

We unequivocally condemn the racism that exists both overtly and covertly in modern society. We are at a crossroads where everyone needs to take a stand - therefore as an organization we are committed to examining the ways in which we have been complicit in perpetuating racism. We are addressing our own biases and are committed to making a plan for actionable change. We realize that the space to reflect on all of this is a privilege of its own. We intend to address this work with deep humility, compassion, and a recognition of the inalienable humanity of Black people. 

We recognize, more clearly than ever, that combating the racism, sexism, and heteronormativity of our industry and our region requires a regular practice, not just a response to the here and now. As an organization that serves all ages, including young children from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds, we strive to serve our community equitably. We recognize that we can do better. 

Synapse’s mission is to nurture individual identities and challenge social norms by engaging artists and audiences in the making of dance-theater. Racism is a social norm that inhibits the expression of individual identities, so maintaining constant anti-racist work must be a part of our everyday processes.

We are currently working on reforms to better fulfill our values as an organization. This includes continuing our anti-racism education, diversifying our board of directors, and expanding our programs and services to be more inclusive, equitable, and accessible. 

We commit to implementing the following changes in our organization:

Arts and culture has the power to lift the voices of marginalized peoples. We recognize the responsibility that comes with that power and choose to be an active part of this movement in pursuit of an equitable world. 

Influences on this statement:

Women of Color in the Arts:

Seeing White podcast:

Black Lives Matter:

Nonprofit AF blog:

The BIPOC Project:

The Body Is Not An Apology:

Mapping Our Social Change Roles:


Night Out In the Parks (at home!)

We’re proud to be one the 120 arts partners selected to showcase their work as part of the 8th season of the Chicago Park District’s “Your Night Out at Home.” This year, we’ll be going virtual & performing for you on-demand in your living room, backyards & balconies. Check us out at 

#MyChiParks #YourNightOutAtHome


Help support Chicago’s local artists by checking out our performance of “Weave Trees” at the Chicago Park District’s “Your Night Out At Home” website.

 Keep watching! New performances will be posted weekly at #MyChiParks #YourNightOutAtHome

photo by Matthew Gregory Hollis