Crosswalk Dances

Crosswalk Dances bring a fresh perspective to a commute, inviting dance into every day. Dancers enliven and connect each corner of an intersection as they move in tandem with pedestrians, performing through the countdown crosswalks. This piece is built to be watched for the full 25 minutes or for only moments as a viewer bikes, walks, skates, or drives by.

Directed by Rachel Damon

Dancers: Molly Hillson, Amanda Ramirez, Camila Rivero Pooley, Dylan Roth, Gretchen Soechting, Megan Szajna, Laura Tennal

Score composed by Ryan Ingebritsen
Cellist: Leyla I. Royale
Costumes by Nadine Lollino
Video by Matt Griffo

Project support provided by The Saints, the Athenaeum Theater, and Lakeview SSA 27

Video captured at a performance within the "Lincoln Hub" in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood, 2018

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